Daddy complex dating

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Daddy complex dating

Nevertheless, my groin started to tingle as soon as my aching chute sounded the alarm that there was a full-scale invasion underway.Ed always wakes up with a hard-on when we get together."Let's just say it means we're going to be engaged in some serious dicking tonight," he'd wryly retorted. I wanted to writhe against the thick mat of hair that covered his chest and trailed down over his belly while I jacked off. "Is that damned thing really telling me that it's a quarter to seven?"It'll keep your fat hose up front and center so I'll have something to hold on to while I go riding." The damned thing had served its purpose, keeping me hard even after I'd come three times. As I reached over to the nightstand to dip my fingers into the tub of grease there, the luminous dial of his alarm clock caught my eye. " "Afraid so, Nick," he said, reaching between my legs and grabbing my balls.He traced the ridges on my belly with his thick fingers and his pubes ground against my smooth ass cheeks as he stirred his big prick around in my guts.Even though my fuck tunnel was tender at first, I got into it soon enough.

It pressed tight up between my legs and I could see it glistening among my pubes when I looked down. " I'd laughed when he looked up from putting it on me. I rolled up on top of him, careful to keep his cock up my ass.

"I've got to be at the airport in less than an hour," I screeched. "That dick of yours looks like it's trying to climb out of your trousers." "Yeah, I know." I looked down and saw the thick ridge trailing off towards my left hip. Unfortunately, duty calls." I flew down the stairs, jumped in to the rental car that I'd parked behind Ed's pickup, backed out into the street and headed for the freeway on-ramp.

"I have a sales meeting in Chicago that I can't miss." I sat up and scrambled out of bed, Ed's cock slithering out of my slimy asshole with a loud slurping sound. I made it through downtown without too much trouble.

Then my own dick swelled up hard as a rock, poking at my belly button and leaving little drops of clear ooze to mark the spot.

I grunted as he pulled all the way out of me, then rammed back in up to his short hairs.

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Then he got real still and just lay there, breathing raggedly--short, hot bursts of air against my neck. "Now it's your turn, buddy." He reached down between my outspread legs and started jacking my meat, pulling on it real slow, his fingers massaging it from pubes to tip.

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