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Elements used in absolute dating

Alessio Fasano of the University of Maryland and other medical experts. "In rare cases even 0.01% is still too much," Fasano said. Although the sisters' work seems to be the most promising to date, others were also working on the problem and the Church has also recently approved other low-gluten breads in Italy and Australia.* * * Follow-up: Homilies While Walking The column regarding homilies-while-walking-about (see Aug.On the practical level, sufferers from celiac disease, about one in every 130 people, face a real difficulty as they are incapable of consuming gluten.At the same time the Church has too much respect for the faithful with this condition to allow them to fall into error regarding whether they receive a genuinely consecrated host or not.Over two years of experiments they have developed a Communion wafer that has been approved as valid material for the Eucharist by the Holy See.With a level of gluten content of 0.01% it is safe enough for consumption by almost all celiac suffers, according to Dr. bishops' Committee on the Liturgy has deemed the sisters' bread "the only true, low-gluten altar bread approved for use at Mass in the United States." Fasano called the sisters' accomplishment "very wonderful news," but added that celiac sufferers should still consult with their doctors before consuming the new hosts.Is this type of behavior in keeping with the liturgy?I was not present but two independent persons called me to ask whether I knew if this is what we can expect in the future." After the publication of the recent instruction "Redemptionis Sacramentum," I certainly hope we can expect no more of this kind of thing in the future.

Another question is practical and concerns how to address special situation such as celiac disease.

This usually requires the use of a second, smaller chalice as even the particle of host that the priest places in the chalice can have adverse effects on sufferers.

This is the solution I adopted for a sufferer in my own parish, with no great difficulty.

31) brought to mind a related question from a South African correspondent.

She wrote: "Instead of a homily, a certain priest played the song 'Imagine' -- by the Beatles or by one of the Beatles -- and then pranced about the altar and up and down the aisle.

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It would be a manifest act of negligence on the Church's part to look the other way while some members of the faithful were being innocently induced into an act of idolatry by attributing adoration to what is in fact a lump of matter.