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One one sex chat rome

1 August 10 BC – 13 October 54 AD) was Roman emperor from 41 to 54.

A member of the Julio-Claudian dynasty, he was the son of Drusus and Antonia Minor.

He was seen as vulnerable throughout his reign, particularly by elements of the nobility.

Claudius was constantly forced to shore up his position; this resulted in the deaths of many senators.

When the Arch of Pavia was erected to honor the Imperial clan in 8 BC, Claudius' name (now Tiberius Claudius Nero Germanicus after his elevation to paterfamilias of Claudii Nerones on the adoption of his brother) was inscribed on the edge—past the deceased princes, Gaius and Lucius, and Germanicus' children.Antonia referred to him as a monster, and used him as a standard for stupidity.She seems to have passed her son off on his grandmother Livia for a number of years.There is some speculation that the inscription was added by Claudius himself decades later, and that he originally did not appear at all.When Augustus died in 14 AD, Claudius — then 23 — appealed to his uncle Tiberius to allow him to begin the cursus honorum.

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Claudius was then left to be raised by his mother, who never remarried.

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