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Who is tyra dating

The two remain friendly and will continue to work together professionally.(Asla is slated to shoot the opening credits of the upcoming cycle of Banks and Asla welcomed York in January 2016 via gestational surrogate.I wouldn’t say she’s super different from what we’ve had in the past, but I do think she’s going to benefit from what’s at her fingertips, which is this convergence of social media and traditional model.She’ll be able to work in the high fashion industry but also connect to everyday people,” Banks speculates.“I feel like we accomplished a new outlook on what it takes to be a model in the modern world… You have to be in control of how you’re portrayed and have a vision of who you want to be,” Ora, the show’s sitting host, tells EW.“Our current culture within this industry is no longer just about being beautiful and being able to walk.Though her name still appears in bold letters at the tail end of the show’s opening credits (she’s the creator and executive producer, after all), Banks has been inching closer and closer to the outer edges of the “It wasn’t that hard,” Banks says, speaking exclusive to EW, of stepping away from the gig, something she’s wanted to do since the show’s eighth cycle began in 2007.(Read our full interview with Banks here.) She even had a successor in mind; Banks brought an unnamed heir apparent (she won’t say who) to The CW for a series of interviews, but her lawyer ultimately talked her into staying — for 14 more cycles.

“I don’t really think so,” Banks responds when asked if she’d ever front the show again.You create and you move on, so that’s where I am right now with the show is more overseeing in general,” Banks — she now juggles a cosmetics line, dubbed Tyra Beauty, a production company, and an upcoming teaching gig at Stanford — admits.It’s perhaps that agile transition from model to global brand that pushed cycle 23 — the modeling competition’s first on VH1 — to new creative heights.; she’s the type of model-mogul-actress with too many hyphenates to count, a pop cultural entity who can still elicit looks of starstruck bewilderment on the faces of international entertainers (here’s smizing at you, Rita Ora) and supermodel body activists (hi, Ashley Graham) alike.Since relinquishing hosting duties to Ora last year, Banks made a cameo on Wednesday’s episode (only her second on-camera appearance across the show’s 23rd cycle), helping her successor choose which model hopeful — editorial stunner India Gants or branded businesswoman Tatiana Price — would strut magazine’s Drew Elliott, and stylist Law Roach begged her to stay. Good luck.” Recalling Banks’ former glory at the head of the panel, the moment injected a new-and-improved cycle with a nostalgic rush, but also served as a fitting metaphor for the 43-year-old’s involvement in shaping ’s ever-evolving identity.

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“Even though I was a successful supermodel, I was hearing ‘no’ quite often…

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